Overview of the best event SEO, Congress SEO professional 2015

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We’ll talk about 200 items that King engine takes into account to determine which pages deserve to be on the crest of the wave and which are doomed to remain in oblivion, in the most deep and dark of the immense ocean of internet corners.

The age of the domain is a factor that is taken into account by Google in assessing the strength of a website, but attention, is an extremely important factor. “In the words of the own Matt Cutts this is taken into account but not significantly: The difference between a domain that’s six months old verses one year old is really not that big at all”.

One of the most relevant factors when it comes to strengthen the positioning of a key word in particular. While Google says that it is no longer what it was is increasingly proven (among other things we have the example of the blog of Alex Regalosoriginales24 with a mix of keywords and linkbuilding) domains with exact keywords have a plus of force huge when it comes to positioning in Google. At least to this day.

In this case we went into a little more hairs within the domains. This factor refers to, according to data from MOZ audited in 2011, have greater preference when it comes to positioning the pages that begin with the keyword in the domain as others that include the keyword in the middle to the end. So for example by following the example above is better than facing the Seo domain: RegalosOriginales24 that for example 24RegalosOriginales. This point I too believe that it influences the URLs of the individual post.