The Best Korean Drama Of 2014

Daebak Philippines has learned that the Philippine Terrestrial Korean Drama Network GMA7 is set to premiere the Korean Family Drama ‘Legendary Witches’ (under the name Legendary Women) for Philippine Viewers this August. If the screwball comedies of the 1930s still existed, played by actors with the chemistry of Nick and Nora Charles, in a Korean romantic comedy television show, this would be that show. It felt like a drama written by somebody who had spent a lifetime watching romantic comedies, who found witty ways to twist our expectations at every step of the way. Everything on my Christmas list was from Eider after I saw Flower Boy Next Door.

I was looking forward to this drama bc of one person and one person only, JOO WON! Normally I don’t start TV Dramas unless they are going to finish soon as I’m not the type who could wait and watch only two episodes a week. Im not a super addict fan of Lee Jun Ki but everytime i found a new tv series of him i try to watch it and i was never disappointed. She was the last one that had been asked to received this drama im glad that she accepted it. If the first two leading ladies maybe i wont like the drama so much. After read Yong Pal’s synopsis, i think the drama will be strong rival for Scholar Who Walks The Night.

Awards), Special Award for Foreign Drama (Tokyo International Drama Festival Awards), Golden Rose (Children & Youth) Award (Rose d’Or Awards) and Best Foreign Soap Opera (USTv Students’ Choice Awards). The major reason for me even purchasing a subscription is so I can watch the dramas when I’m not on my galaxy tab and this is not worth it. Even though viki is a bit buggy, I never have to deal with issues like this. You see, they made me memorize the advertisement ‘s script instead of entertaining me with Korean Dramas!

Episode 15 is very intense unlike other episodes which always have suspense, drama and comedic elements It is the episode which really show off the lead actor’s brilliant acting – his subtle portrayal of agony, despair, anger is simply enthralling. I know it is early in the year; however, I cannot see another drama toping this one in 2015. I have not been so engaged in a drama since Missing You and KMHM has topped Missing You on my best Thriller/Adventure Kdrama list.

Of course there is violence in it. And I would never say to let your 5 year old daughter to watch it, but if I had kids around the age of thirteen I would definitely watch it with them, especially since kids these days have seen a lot worse and are growing up so fast. If you think it is not related to your own country issues, why don’t you just watch your local dramas instead of bull-shitting here. We comment here because we like Korean dramas, not always positive comment about everything but there is no bad intention.